Have you ever napped during the lectures as a student because of the monotony of the educational process? Have your kids ever returned tired after school, or maybe they totally don’t want to go to school because they don’t like it? 

Would you like to communicate with teachers not only at parent-teacher meetings but more often, and be aware of the child’s progress?

With the ClassDojo you have all these abilities. If you haven’t heard of the ClassDojo service then keep reading!

ClassDojo is a unique online platform for students’, teachers’ and parents’ communication and learning process. Gamification, motivation, interesting avatars looking like colorful monsters, and a bright interface of the app make a friendly atmosphere in the classroom and diversify school classes. 

You can register as a teacher, student or as a parent, there is a part for everyone! It doesn’t matter what kind of device you use, because the app is compatible with Android, iOS, tablets, Kindle, and, of course, PC.

Teacher: Use special demonstrative materials like presentations that you can find on the site, encourage your students with dojos - special marks instead of standard evaluation system, share multimedia files with parents, give and check homework.

Student: View feedback given by the teacher, watch photos and videos on Stories, get and do your digital homework and get dojos for it, your classmates will never know about your achievements because it’s invisible.

Parent: Receive a feedback about your child’s achievements, hear important
announcements and updates, keep in touch with the teacher, and get pictures and videos of great moments from the class, see your child’s classwork on their own Student Story! 

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